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Robotech: Crystal Dreams articles:

My R:CD FAQ - a list of the most frequent questions I get asked about the game.

R:CD ROM Image - Here you can find the ROM image of the demo build of the game, which (I've been told) will run on some N64 emulators on you PC.

Video Screen Captures - Pictures and videos captured directly from the game.

R:CD Technical Files - a list of all the ships in the game, with text details, pictures, and video captures of the ships from the game.

R:CD pictures and Sounds - some pictures and .WAV files from Crystal Dreams, including preliminary box art, shots of the high-res Veritech model the Gametek artists finished just before the 1998 E3, and a the "Minmei-gets-sucked-out-an-airlock" sound file from Gametek's (now long gone) webpage. Also, the intro music for the game.

Crystal Dreams Comic - an 8 page promotional comic that we handed out at the E3 trade show in May 1998. It was scripted by me, based on the prequel story I wrote.

Game Design Notes and Dialog - I've added some of the early story design documents I wrote when first creating the game story. Also here is the complete game story script, cross referenced with all the recorded dialog that would have appeared in the game.

ROBOTECH INVADERS! - a small Robotech game programmed by a friend (and former Gametek network guru) using the Shockwave plug-in. He had nearly finished

Robotech Collectables - Robotech toys, animation cels, import sourcebooks, and other anime related collectables.

Crystal Dreams Game Credits - The complete list of all the people who worked on the game.

Kyle's Story - from time to time I get in to a creative mood and add a chapter to the Crystal Dreams fanfic. The first chapter was written in early 1998, while I was still working on the game. In years since, I've only managed to add a few chapters to the Crystal Dreams Saga, but you can find them all here....

R:CD Fan Art - a few years back, a creative artist sent me some images of what Eboliar might have looked like. I had fun chatting with him about my ideas for the evil villian of the long lost game, and he's since become an on-line friend.

Me and Robotech - what Robotech is, and my connection to it, both as a fan, and as a story designer and programmer on Robotech: Crystal Dreams.

Zentraedi Dictionary - based on some discussions on the Disciples of Zor Message Board, I made a compilation of the various Zentraedi words used in the novels, comics, and elsewhere. I've added a few of my own for Crystal Dreams

Robotech Web Links - links to other Robotech pages on the internet.

As a side note... this page uses the Robotech font for many of the headers. You can get it here. Just unzip the file and drop it into your Windows/Fonts directory (assuming you are running a Microsoft Windows operating system, that is....).

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