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Comics Links

Dork Tower
The funniest comic book out there... John Kovalic has been doing comic strips for years, but over the past few years, he has focused on the wacky role-playing nerds of Dork Tower. You have Igor, the role-playing über-nerd and his cries of "Huzzah!" Then you have Matt the eternally confused and perky goth Gilly, who would be perfect for each other if they ever just managed to meet. Its a great comic for the nerd in all of us! Dork Tower appears both as a weekly comic strip in several magazines and on-line locations, as well as having its own comic book. For more information about Dork Tower, go to my Dork Tower fan page.

Sluggy Freelance
(I couldn't decide which banner I liked best). Perhaps the best on-line comic strip on the web. How can you go wrong with a comic that stars beer-guzzling dudes, cute but liberated women, a friendly man-eating alien, and a cute bunny with a switch-blade? If you decide to check this link out, though, I strongly suggest you go to the archive and start at the first comic... this comic has more story behind it than most!

The exploits of the Foxtrot family are always worth checking out!

Being a comics fan and a computer programmer, I can't help but like Dilbert.

Another excellent example of a web comic. I discovered this comic through Dork Tower... PvP first appeared in book form through Dork Storm Press, though it has since moved up in the world to Image. PvP stars a wacky bunch of computer gaming people who all work for a game magazine....

Get Fuzzy
If you ever wondered what life would be like if your pets could talk, then this is the comic for you.

Science Fiction and Television Links
All the latest news in the world of Sci-Fi, from the official website of the SciFi Channel.

Anne McCaffery's Website
The official website of one of my favorite authors. Among her works are the wonderful Dragonriders of Pern series of novels.

SciFi Arizona
An online book service run by Michael McCollum. I've enjoyed a lot of McCollum's work over the years, especially the Antares Dawn series. Since many of his books are now out-of-print, the author has made the books available in either computer file format, or in nice trade paperback versions he's created through a local printing house.

Robotech and Anime Links
The official Robotech website from Harmony Gold. There's a lot there... info about all the episodes and characters, a Robotech store, forums, and all the latest official news.

Robotech Reference Guide
This is a great page for learning about all the various vehicles and spaceships in Robotech.

Video Game Links

SegaCD Universe
A great site dedicated to the first video game system I programmed games for.

The ultimate website for video game walkthroughs and cheat codes.
A whole set of websites, mostly devoted to news about video games on all the various platforms.

Novint Technologies, Inc.
Creators of the coolest conputer controller ever made, as well as the best game company I ever worked for.

Other Links

Ask Mr. Lizard, Global Village Grouch
This is the home page of a friend of mine. He is a former employee of Gametek, where he helped me with ideas and dialog for Robotech: Crystal Dreams. I don't agree with everything he has to say on his page, but he will certainly make you think (something people rarely do these days). He believes in the rights of the individual over the needs of society or the government, and loves to point out the stupidities of the world around us. Just be warned... with Lizard, no issue is safe from attack! Nowdays, his website is mostly devoted to role playing games, which he both writes and plays....

Science Daily
A great site for keeping up with the latest developments in the world of scientific research.

Ebay Auctions
Just about the best place to find, well, anything. If you really want it, but its not made anymore or is hard to find in a store, you can probably find it for auction at ebay! Half my Robotech and animation cels collection came from bidding on ebay!

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