The Town of Mud Bay

Pegasaurus Games

The local gaming store, run by Bill Blyden and his assistant Leslie. Pegasaurus is the central location in the lives of the Dork Tower crew... this is where they buy most of their gaming supplies, after all!

Various protest groups occasionally picket outside Bill's store....

- Bill's assistant Leslie... cute, but always half-hidden behind the Pegasaurus counter.

The Towers Apartment Building

A multi-story apartment complex, where Matt and Ken live. This appears to be the tallest building in Mud Bay, and the Dork Tower gang can often be found in Matt and Ken's apartment for their RPG get-togethers.

Chat Room Cybercafe

The local coffee shop, where you can also access the internet. Carson works here.

- Carson's boss is this bohemian dude.

Igor's apartment building

A small apartment building sandwiched between smaller buildings in the middle of town. This is where Igor keeps all his geeky collectables (including at least one Centauri costume from Babylon 5).

Carson's House on the hill

Carson lives in a narrow little house on top of a grassy hill.

LeTigre Lounge

the local bar....

The web company Ken works for.

- Ken's boss.
- Ken's coworkers.

West Capital City Comics

The local comic book shop.

- Big Cliff, the store manager.

International House of Pancakes

A popular goth clan hangout (though they have a tendancy to frequently get kicked out).


Another hangout for the goths.

Aardvark Advertising

The advertising firm Matt used to do graphic design for, at least until he got "downsized."

- Matt's former boss.

East Towne Mall

Several stores, including Toys Are We, Bust Buy, Waldo Books, Office Despot, and Comp USB.

- The clerk at Waldo Books.
- The clerk at Toys Are We.

The Ren Fair

From time to time the Renaissance Festival comes to town, giving the Dork Tower crew a chance to dress up in costumes and be even more geeky than usual!

Big Con

Though not actually in the town of Mud Bay, whenever there is a scifi, gaming, or comic convention within road-trip distance, the crew must pile into the car for a trip to the ultimate in nerdy fandom.

Other Mud Bay Locations

The local theater, where Igor once saw "Lord of the Rings" 22 times in a row.

The Library

The grassy hill - the characters can occasionally be found sitting on the grassy hill, perhaps in a park in the middle of town (perhaps near Carson's house?)

The brick wall - a Peanuts style thinking wall

The Baseball field, where the Mud Bay Muckrakers play.

Warhamster Interactive (and

Various local companies (none of which will ever hire Carson):

Mud Bay Jail

Grocery Store

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