The Dork Tower Characters

Matt McLimore

Matt is the rational one of the group... he is the middle man that all the other characters rotate around, a combination of a confused nice guy and a true lover of gaming. Matt lives in the Towers Apartment Building with his friend Ken, and makes a living as a graphical artist at a local advertising firm.

Matt is usually the Game Master when the gang gets together for gaming night, though he has a tendency to become catatonic when his players go against all his carefully created plans (as they usually do). His latest trauma comes from the fact that he has started dating his old girlfriend Kayleigh (who has never understood Matt's nerdy hobbies), but he has a crush on perky goth Gilly. To make matters worse, both Gilly and Kayleigh have just joined the group's weekly role-playing game!

Igor Olman

To Igor, anything worth doing is worth overdoing. He is the model of nerdy reckless abandon. In Warhamster, he is most comfortable playing a warrior, but he has a tendancy to grab anything he finds, often setting off traps (such as rashly grabbing the "Orb of Eternal Squishing"). His first instinct is to always charge in and attack, whatever the situation, and thus often gets himself (and his friends) smooshed.

Igor lives in a small apartment building in the middle of town. Nobody's quite sure where Igor gets his money from....

- Igor as a warrior in Warhamster.

Ken Mills

Ken is a thinking man's gamer... he has a stable job as a tech person at, a dot-com company, and makes more money than any of the other characters (a fact the other characters appreciate, since Ken always buys the latest gaming supplies). He lives in the Towers Apartment Building with his friend Matt. In Warhamster, he usually plays a cleric.

- Ken as a cleric in Warhamster.

Carson the Muskrat

Carson is everyone's friend... a trusting and easy going guy (or rodent?) who enjoy's everyone's company. He works at the local coffee shop, and lives in a small house on a hill. In Warhamster he tends to play the role of a Thief. Carson also has another side to his life, which you can learn more about in the long-running Wildlife comic strip, which began in Carson's college days and ran up until he began hanging out with the Dork Tower crew.

- Carson as a thief in Warhamster.

Gilly Woods the Perky Goth

The words "perky" and "goth" would seem to be mutually exclusive concepts, but Gilly manages to pull it off. She's the bounciest person in Mud Bay, always cheerful and trying to have fun, despite being in a clan of "the dark." She has just recently played her second role-playing game, and has been invited into the gang's RPG group.

She lives in an apartment somewhere in Mud Bay, possibly with her brother Walden.

Bill Blyden

Bill is the owner of Pegasaraus Games, the store where everyone in town goes for the latest gaming supplies.

Kayleigh Hardcastle

Kayleigh is Matt's ex-girlfriend, who has never understood geeks or gamers. She's shown up again in Mud Bay recently, and not only has she started dating Matt again, but she has somehow ended up in the group's RPG game, along with Gilly, who Matt has finally discovered... poor Matt!

Other People of Mud Bay

- Maxwell, another local gamer

- Maxwell's wife Claire, who is also a gamer

- Walden (aka "Sith") - Gilly's brother, and Lord of the local Goth Clan

- Leslie, Bill's assistant at Pegasaurus

- Matt's brother, Simon

- Bill's girlfriend Stacy

- Big Cliff, the owner of West Capital Comics, Mud Bay's best comic book store.

- Ken's Historical Gaming Group: Karl, Jim, and Bart

- Maxwell's gaming group

- Gilly's Goth friend

- Snyder the Badger and Hanly the Weasel... friends of Carson from the long running Wild Life comic strip.

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