Dragon Rage PS2

I came in to this project pretty late... they waited until we were done with WarJetz before adding our team to help finish Dragon Rage. I got back from my post-Warjetz vacation to find myself plunged into effects programming for Dragon Rage....

In Dragon Rage, you get to play a dragon, flying over a land of magic and evil orcs, and is out in stores now! I only worked on the game for about a month around September of 2002, but I had a lot of fun coming up with and building four "fury" attacks. I first built the fire fury attack... the classic cone of fire breath! I then modified my smoke-trail system from Warjetz and added it in for use in the Ice Fury attack, which was a good thing, since several people used that trails code for other effects. I next finished the electrical fury attack... it already had a nifty prototype, so I just finished the effect. Last was the earth "fury" attack... the prototype was a sea of fire on the ground... I streamlined it and added fireballs that used my smoketrail code.

In other words, I spent four weeks playing around with dragon breath attack effects, with complete artistic freedom... I could build anything I could think of, as long as I had something they could use in the final game. It was programmer heaven!

Here are several screen shots from the game, from the offical 3DO website:

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