For more information about the Warhamster RPG, you can find basic rules in the Dork Tower comic book, issue #12, with additional information at warhamster.com.

The Lands of Aurora

The Warhamster RPG takes place within the mythical Lands of Aurora.

Locations mentioned in Dork Tower include:

Monsters and Characters of Warhamster

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Warhamsters... there appears to be several types of these creatures, including a variant that can be ridden.

Orcs (sometimes also known as Goblins or Goblyns). Orcs sometimes can be found in Orcish Warbands, stationed at Orc Encampments and Garrisons, and the occasional Hall of Infinite Orcs. Apparently, they also, um... produce a high level of methane, which means that large groups of Orcs in a dungeon do not react well to fireball spells....


Battle Budgies... giant armored parakeets, sometimes (like warhamsters) used for riding.

Kobold Kin

The dreaded Turbonium Dragon... one of the fiercest creatures in the Warhamster universe.

The Jolly Jongleur of Aurora (and his little dog). The Jongleur sometimes appears to weary travelers, to refresh their health and aid them in their quests. On the other hand, Igor has a tendancy to slice and dice the Jongleur, which can be very bad....

Others monsters mentioned in Dork Tower (or the Warhamster rules in Dork Tower issue #12) include:

According to the official rules, characters can play several character races:

Characters can also develop a number of different careers as they gain experience:

Treasures, Spells, and Traps in Warhamster

Treasure and spells mentioned in Dork Tower include:

There are a number of other spells, weapons, gear, and treasure mentioned in the official rules in Dork Tower issue #12.

Warhamster Supplements

Several Warhamster modules have been mentioned in Dork Tower:

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