Pueblo Bonito

Pueblo Bonito is the largest structure at Chaco Canyon. Several stories tall along the curved back wall, only a portion of this complex appears to have served as living quarters. As the central pueblo of the Chacoan society, Bonito likely functioned as a public building, fullfilling the role of a religious and ceremonial center, as well as a gathering place for trading, storage, and possibly even burial of the dead.

The first picture was taken from the top of the cliff overlooking Pueblo Bonito, and gives and idea of the overall layout of the complex... a large half-circle of rooms surrounding a sizable public plaza.

The next picture is of the several story rear wall of the pueblo, taken from the plaza.

The last picture is of a ground floor doorway in the interior of the complex. Note the wood supports that originally supported the floor of the second story. These wood supports still survive after nearly a thousand years.

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