Balcony House

Though not as large as Cliff Palace, Balcony House holds a central position in the scattered communities of Mesa Verde. Balcony House is one of only two of the cliff dwellings that are open to the public (the other being Cliff Palace).

The first picture is of me standing in the central area of Balcony House, a small plaza consisting of two kivas.

The next picture is of the rear of the pueblo. One facinating aspect of the cliff dwellings is that much of their water came from collection bins here at rear of the pueblo. The cliff is made primarily of limestone, a pourous rock that allows rain and ground-water to slowly seep through the rock. The nature of the overhangs where the Mesa Verde cliff dwellings are built sometimes leads to locations where the water in the rock slowly seeps out. A single water trap could usually provide enough water per day for 40 to 60 people.

The next picture is a view looking down into one of the small kivas at Balcony House.

The final picture is through a window seperating the two small plazas at Balcony House.

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