I've just started learning Unity3D, but I thought I would show my progress as I go....

Star Shot Unity
As I always tend to do when learning a new game engine on my own, I do so by creating a variation on a game I've always called "Star Shot". You can see my first version of this game on my Game Boy Advance home-brew page. The second version I wrote for the iPhone several years ago, and eventually morphed into a published game called "Nova Rift: Arena".

Now I'm starting on a new version built in Unity3D. Its not a game yet, and it will likely never be a polished thing... it is just a testbed for learning Unity. So far, what you see here (as of 10/2/2014) was built over about 10 hours across a several evenings, including first walking through a Unity tutorial.

The controls are simple... LEFT/RIGHT arrow keys spin the ship, DOWN arrow provides thrust, and Z (or MOUSE-LEFT) fire bullets.

Note that you may have to zoom out in your web browser a bit... the game is set to draw at 1024x1024 pixels, but the browsers always seem to display it huge.

Play Start Shot Unity

Buzz Ball Unity
Another beginning of a new game, this one based on an old Nintendo64 game called "Buck Bumble"... it had a 2 player mode called Buzz Ball. Very early... my wonder wife built the arena in a couple of hours, and I dropped it in and got the ball physics to work.

April 14, 2017 - I had a few hours to play with this again, and added a bee and weapons I bought for $20, then added the moving wings and weapon select by right-clicking the mouse (control-click on a Mac).
Play Buzz Ball Unity